Going Home

Nothing is better than going home, finding nothing that seems to have changed much except you. The building stays pretty much the same you left it last time leaving out some usual damages discernible with age and rough weather. Same goes for people. There is a slight disquieting feeling here as you never know when it is going to be the last time you meet someone or do something you enjoy doing.

For me, it was a tumultuous trip— going home last week after nearly a year and a half. Falling sick, recuperating, stucking in traffic for hours. Visiting faintly recognizable places that I don’t remember the last time when I been there. But it was worth it. The thing I like the most being in my hometown is the feeling how terribly boring stuff seems so interesting and exotic there. That’s the kind of feeling a heavenly vibrant place make you feel. It’s a walk down the memory lane and it always makes my eyes moist when I say goodbye to such a place.

Sharing some glimpses of the journey to an inconspicuously remote place in Shimla, H.P.


2 thoughts on “Going Home

    1. Thanks Paol. I was in a hurry and these photos took much time in uploading. I’ll add captions to them soon. There is so much more to capture — the vibrant culture, festivals, people, vegetations. I just captured the nature. Hope I’ll find ample time in future to explore them all.


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