Treading the old path

Absolute work is a faux. When someone say they have done something all by themselves, they are either lying or they don’t seem to know the latent truth. Every piece of work we take in our hands, even if it is like doing from scratch, it can’t be absolutely credited to you. In reality, there is no beginning or starting over of the “work”. Each one of us capitalizes on the methods, tools, or research that some people have executed or stirred-up in the past. This is how things advance towards a propitious future— standing on the shoulders of giants we see how far the horizon is.

The fact that we have been meandering around for almost a quarter of a million years making mistakes unconsciously that no other species tried to commit, despite not being civilized for the most part of that journey, gives us a competitive edge over the rest of the inhabitants. And thus the responsibility to protect what is left. Our journey from protoplasmal primordial atomic globule to sentient upright modern human being is full of mystifying junctures of events, visitations of adversities, proliferation of art, cultures, and languages.

Yet we are driven by the innate fuel of self-interest which may not be held right or wrong in a temporal moral compass. Now it is up to us how panoptic our vision of the “self” is.

cynosure of the night

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